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Before we dive into what the Trichome Tracker does, we need to dive into what Trichomes are and why they are the most important part of your bud. When it comes to Cannabis, there is one thing that every user realizes about the herb and its effects; there is an almost infinite variety of strains, all of them yielding different effects on your body. Cannabis strains primarily differ in flavor, smell and in color but all have one thing in common, every single bud that you will ever smoke will have an obscene amount of tiny hairs on it called Trichomes. These Trichomes excrete a very potent resin that transforms into an amber color as the plant matures, this resin is the primary source of your high. Now that we know how important our Trichomes are and that they change color to indicate that they are at their peak potency we feel the need to check them outright?

  • How many times have you questioned your marijuana?

Trichomes are incredibly tiny, sitting at around 20 to 120 microns (.0007 to .004 inches) you will not be able to keep track of them with the typical pair of eyes, you’ll need a tool. Throughout the past few decades cannabis was studied using jewelers’ loupes or microscopes and was never something everyone did. Today that changes, The CharCult has revolutionized the relationship that people have with their Cannabis by providing the Trichome Tracker, a sheathing, magnifying device that is equipped with a powerful LED & UV light. With this device, you will be able to inspect the quality and quantity of your Trichomes on the go and ensure you receive the healing experience you need.


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