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How long do cannabis seeds last? Well, that really depends on the method of storing cannabis seeds you choose. Marijuana seed shelf life can vary and where and how you store the seeds are big factors in how long weed seeds last. Realistically, you can keep cannabis seeds for years, if stored correctly cannabis seeds should be good to use for long after you first get your hands on them.

How to store cannabis seeds – there are a number of methods of storage, they will vary depending on whether you want to store the seeds short-term or long-term. That being said, all methods of seed storage will require you to ensure that the seeds are exposed to as little light and oxygen as possible. Seeds are living things therefore exposure to light and oxygen will cause them to develop and begin to grow thus you must do everything possible to halt these processes.

Where to store marijuana seeds – you might be surprised to know that there are many receptacles you may find lying around your house as well as many spots to place the seeds to keep them isolated from light and oxygen.

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