Marijuana Pipes Under $20 on Amazon

Being a pothead in 2020 is like being a kid in a candy store. There are so many different things to try out and get into. With legalization sweeping the states, soon weed smoking is going to be given its spot in popular culture like it always has been, just now without the specter of illegality hanging over it.


One of the best things that you can do to enhance your marijuana experience is choosing the right pipe. Like in Harry Potter, it is not the magician who chooses the wand but it the wand which chooses the magician. Overly dramatic comparison aside, the weed pipe is often the first tool in the arsenal of someone who is just getting into this miracle herb. 


We don’t want to say you can judge a person by their weed pipe because that would imply those who can’t afford an expensive pipe are somehow worse people. However personal taste and state of its upkeep just say the right amount about the person carrying the pipe.


So today, as a fun little distraction we are going to look at a few exquisitely designed weed pipes in a budget that will help you personalize your weed smoking routine and also make a good impression. You’ll find that a lot of these pipes still go by tobacco pipes but they are equally as great to smoke weed out of. Any of these will make a great for a birthday, holiday, Christmas, New Year, graduation, or going away party of your stoner friend.


Kineex Premium Tobacco Pipe with 5 Stainless Steel Screen Filters

This one has a sleek design and durable quality. It is super easy to clean, detachable into 6 pieces, and easy to assemble. It comes with 5 stainless steel screen filters. It is easy to carry since it fits in most pockets. The package includes the pipe, 5 screens, and a lifetime manufacture warranty. We love its color, which there are 6 choices to pick from, and its design which adds a little flair to the traditional smoking pipe.


ASNTA Creative Colorful Special-Shaped Herbal Tool with 10 Stainless Steel mesh Filters

This one is a great looking pipe with a little trinket attached to it to give it a personalized touch. It is made using indestructible materials. It is easy to disassemble and easy to clean. It is easy to carry, as it is suitable for various pockets and purses. They give a warranty of 180 days of unconditional after-sales, so you can buy with confidence. Be sure to check out the recommended products under this one to find other designs that keep the base the same and switch the decorative theme-based trinket.


ASNTA Removable Mini Hammer Durable Art Tube with 10 Stainless Steel mesh Filters

This offering from the same company is great for someone who values elegance over flashiness. It is the same design just minus the extra personalized touch of the previous one.



This one is just a wonderful option due to its solid design. We can’t call it minimalist but it feels solid in the hand. The hexagonal raised surface helps to give it a solid grip. It is an Amazon’s-Choice product for its great reviews.


LYD Glass Handicraft

This one is the closest to the appearance of a traditional marijuana pipe. It comes in a small convenient carry case which is lined with sponge to prevent breakage during transport. It also comes with 2 silver screens that can act as a filter.


Singlenett Unbreakable and Indestructible Personal Decor Tube with lid

This one is the simplest and most minimal of the bunch. It is made from premium food-grade material that has no harmful chemicals and is certified for your safety. Its concealable lid protects against spilling, even if dropped. The lid allows it to be carried in any handbag, backpack, pocket and more.


Vyriloner Small Pipe with Portable Pipe Case

This small tobacco pipe consists of 3 pieces that are held together by powerful two magnets. It is detachable and easy to clean. Just pay attention not to remove the lid from the pipe when you use it. The innovative 200-micron filter gap eliminates the clogging and the use of screens. It adopts high-quality zinc alloy material which makes it very durable. The pipe does not heat up during use. The company claims that they have incorporated the classy and suave feel of the traditional pipe. The solid metal texture makes for a more personalized appearance. Also included is a portable pipe case, 3*pipe screen filters, 2*tobacco storage bags( that ensures the taste of tobacco). They have a lifetime free replacement warranty and refund services in place if you don’t end up enjoying the product.


Glass Straw Decoration Bowl

This one comes in 7 different designs that range from minimal to decorative to goofy. It is a solid product that lets the smoker express their uniqueness.


SmokeU portable 

This one comes in 5 different alluring colors. It uses a screenless technology which eliminates clogging. There is no need for a screen. The whole thing is held together by two super strong magnets. The parts are detachable and super easy to assemble. It fits into your pocket easily. It is made up of high-quality zinc alloy material. It does not heat up during use. The vendor offers a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.


So that was our list of some of the interesting weed pipes that we found on Amazon. In our search, we realized there is just so much variety at so many price points that we are definitely going to come back to this well again and again to find the best weed pipes for you. Regardless of your budget, you should find something that matches your style and your weed smoking technique. Stay tuned to our blog to catch those posts when they hit. If there are any items from Amazon that we missed, please let us know in the comments.

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