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We all go through the learning phase of rolling the perfect blunt. Something that can seem so easy is often a difficult task that requires a lot of time to master. Getting the perfect role with no unevenness is a challenge for anyone but the veterans. Did you know rappers like Wacka Flocka Flame and Snoop Dogg hire people full-time just for this one thing?


Thankfully us common folk without thousands of dollars of disposable income can always thank Science for giving us the tools required to overcome this challenge. When you get to the upper echelons of weed rolling, you are going to need gear. That comes to us in the form of a blunt roller machine. Hard to believe something like that exists right?


When we discovered it, we thanked the weed gods for the amazing convenience it offered. It does take a lot of the skill away but it is still a very hands-on approach. When we say, it’s a machine, it only uses mankind’s earliest invention – the wheel in an ingenious design. They were used for rolling cigarettes back in the day and now they are mostly just used for rolling up a doobie. We are sure when you are blazed AF, you will appreciate how easy it is compared to rolling a new one up from scratch.


Every machine is a little different in its quirks in how it works. Expect a slight learning curve when getting this one. Eventually as you get good at using them, you will be rolling joints like a pro and you will be the go to guy for perfect joint at any party or get together. The joy is in learning your selected product and gradually improving. You will be stunned as to what big a difference it makes as you get better at it.


So today we are going to look at the best blunt rolling machines on Amazon that will make your blunt rolling experience super easy and fast.


Zig-Zag – 70mm – Plastic Rolling Machine

The Zig Zag original cigarette roller is a quick and easy way to roll a cigarette without wasting any product. Practical, lightweight, and easy to use, this cigarette rolling device is a must-have for smokers. All you have to do to get the perfect cigarette is pack the grinded tobacco across the sleeve, move the lower roller up to close, and roll towards you to form the tobacco core. Insert a Zig-Zag cigarette paper with the gummed edge at the top and roll it partially into the slot. Lick the gummed edge and roll the paper all the way in. Lastly, just open the roller and enjoy a perfectly-rolled cigarette like no other.

This  2-way roller machine is lightweight and compact, so it will easily fit into your pocket. This way, you can enjoy a perfectly-rolled cigarette at home or on the go. The cigarette roller is made with top-quality materials that will pass the test of time. It is durable, sturdy, and lightweight, which makes it a perfect accessory for real smokers who love hand-rolled cigarettes. One of the best parts about our roller machine is that it allows you to hand-roll perfect cigarettes without wasting any product. Everything is easy, quick, and fun, so you get to relax with your smoke.

There is also a 78 mm version that can be found here.


RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2 Way Adjustable 110mm King Size Rolling Machine

This one rolls regular and slim 110mm king size rolling papers. The product is made of authentic natural hemp composite plastic. There is a 2-way adjustable switch. A particular tidbit about this one is that it is made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth. There is a 79 mm version of the product that can be found here.


RIZLA Metal Roller / Rolling Machine 70mm

This is made out of metal and is heavy duty. It works for paper size of 70 mm. We would recommend this one if you like your gear to be sturdy and roughly handled. It works like a charm on most papers. The belt is textured so it pulls the paper right in. It is a very forgiving device that should also work if newbies want to try to roll their own. One thing to avoid is getting tobacco in the hinge. A well placed fingertip will prevent that but once it’s there it has to be cleaned out or the thing won’t close or pops open.


Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine + 2 Packs of Elements Ultra Thin Rice 1¼ Rolling Papers

This cigarette rolling machine and paper combo is a great way to get started with paper to boot. The acrylic roller body is a no thrills affair, stoutly designed. They include an additional roller sheet to replace the existing roller, as it’s a wear piece. Clear & easy to understand instructions are included. The rice papers are the thin. It also has a handy magnetic flap lock.


Rolling Machine Black Metal Automatic Cigarette Tobacco Roller Box & Storage Box 70mm

This cigarette or joint roller is a fast, convenient way to roll cigarettes. It is made of high-quality metal and it is durable, non-toxic, and long-lasting. It merges modern style with a compact size making it the easiest to use and also strong and durable. It is a fast, convenient way to roll cigarettes.


So that was our list of the best blunt rolling machines on Amazon. We tried to cover different companies and sizes on this list. As with everything we recommend, your mileage may vary. Be sure to check out a few youtube tutorials if you are unsure how to use the machine. Don’t expect to be a master at it from the start. They make it easier but there is definitely some skill involved. You will find it to be super useful. We are sure of it.

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